Encouragement verses Compliments

Here’s some great suggestions on how to take a compliment and how to be encouraging to those around you!

God, please show me something today...

I want to address a couple issues: How do we humbly handle compliments?  Is there a difference between compliments and encouragement?  I’ll start with the second question and as I answer the second, I’ll have already answered the first.  

Encouragement: Affirms who you are in Christ!  Compliments: Affirms what you do or what you have.  Who you are in Christ is changeless.  What you do and what you have changes.  Sometimes you do well, other times you don’t.  Sometimes you have a lot of money, that money can go down the tube with the falling economy.  

Here are some examples of compliments:

  1. You “have” a nice car 
  2. You “have” a good brain
  3. You “did” a good job leading worship
  4. You “have” the best sermon illustrations
  5. You are funny (which really means- you “have” humor)
  6. You “have” a real prophetic gift
  7. You “know” the Bible really well (which really…

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