Month: October 2014

“Becoming The Best Me For Christ!” by A. Miller

On my journey through discovering God’s plan for my career, I’ve always maintained that His Will is perfect and no matter what I think or want, I will follow His direction.  When I started down the road to my future career, my end goal was simple.  Make a better life for my family and to take care of my Grandmother when the time came for in-home care.  That lead me to getting my Patient Care Technician certificate last spring.  The thought of going back to school put me way out of my comfort zone, and when I learned that there would be rotations in the Emergency Department… well lets just say God and I had quite a lot of conversations about guidance and faith.  But as usual, God knew what He was doing, and I was hooked on Emergency Medicine ever since.  I have since gotten my Emergency Medical Technician certificate for both the state of Ohio and my national registry card.  I volunteer for my local fire department and will be getting my volunteer fire card later this fall.

With all that said, I knew from my talks with God that my scholarly journey wasn’t over.  So, once again, I headed out of my comfort zone and into the collegiate lifestyle.  I didn’t know at first which path to choose, whether it be getting my Nursing degree or something along those lines, but through it all I knew from past experiences that God wouldn’t lead me astray.

I began my university life at a popular online college, even going as far as taking my basic courses.  But something kept nagging at me, a feeling that this wasn’t where God wanted me to be.  So I began talking with the school about switching my major and the process stalled.  That’s when God’s mighty hand moved in a undeniable way.  I got a call from Ohio Christian University, my first pick but at the time I never heard back from them.  The adviser said that all of my paperwork was in order and I could start within the month if I was still interested.  Of course I was, because now there was a program available that wasn’t before: a BA in Healthcare IT.  This degree would combine my two skills, computers and taking care of people.

Praise God for His faithfulness and His wondrous plans for my life!  I look forward to all the things He has planned for my future!