Month: July 2013

A Prodigal Marriage: A Real and Raw Inside Look (Pt. 4)

I didn’t have a second thought about sending my soon to be ex-husband a text message confessing I still loved him. I honestly didn’t give it a second thought. I didn’t think about how it effected him, or how Gods hand was working through those simple yet heavy words.

Two days later, I got a call from him early in the morning asking me to pick up our youngest daughter. He had car troubles and no one else would answer their phones. (Ever notice that when God doesn’t want you to talk to anyone other than who he wants you to talk to, the whole world seems to be away from the phone!) So I headed to the house, thinking about all the fun things I could do with my baby girl.

Little did I know, God had plans of His own…



July Devotions: Leviticus 6:13

“The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out.” — Leviticus 6:13

Keep the altar of private prayer burning. This is the very life of all piety. The sanctuary and family altars borrow their fires here, therefore let this burn well. Secret devotion is the very essence, evidence, and barometer, of vital and experimental religion.

Burn here the fat of your sacrifices. Let your closet seasons be, if possible, regular, frequent, and undisturbed. Effectual prayer availeth much. Have you nothing to pray for? Let us suggest the Church, the ministry, your own soul, your children, your relations, your neighbours, your country, and the cause of God and truth throughout the world. Let us examine ourselves on this important matter. Do we engage with lukewarmness in private devotion? Is the fire of devotion burning dimly in our hearts? Do the chariot wheels drag heavily? If so, let us be alarmed at this sign of decay. Let us go with weeping, and ask for the Spirit of grace and of supplications. Let us set apart special seasons for extraordinary prayer. For if this fire should be smothered beneath the ashes of a worldly conformity, it will dim the fire on the family altar, and lessen our influence both in the Church and in the world.

The text will also apply to the altar of the heart. This is a golden altar indeed. God loves to see the hearts of His people glowing towards Himself. Let us give to God our hearts, all blazing with love, and seek His grace, that the fire may never be quenched; for it will not burn if the Lord does not keep it burning. Many foes will attempt to extinguish it; but if the unseen hand behind the wall pour thereon the sacred oil, it will blaze higher and higher. Let us use texts of Scripture as fuel for our heart’s fire, they are live coals; let us attend sermons, but above all, let us be much alone with Jesus.