A Prodigal Marriage: A Real and Raw Inside Look (Pt. 1)

Let me start by saying, this in no way is meant to dishonor my husband or my marriage.  I am in constant prayer over them both.  And during a time of prayer last night at church, the Lord gave me a revelation (an inside look) into my marriage, from His perspective.  Any story should begin at the beginning and I have a feeling this will be a multi-part post, but I will do my best to convey His and my heart.

From the get go, my relationship with my husband was build on a rocky foundation.  We dated for two years before getting married a few months after I graduated high school.  Yep, classic high school sweethearts… pregnant and way too young to know what we were doing!  During those first two years we went to church together and knew God’s design for marriage but justified our sexual sins by saying we were going to get married someday.  Looking back with His eyes, I can see just how much damage that really caused.  We were too young, in age and in maturity (both mentally and spiritually) to be able to handle those types of temptations.

As a result of that sin, our marriage was ‘doomed’ from the start.


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